Shut Your Mouth Oil

Shut Your Mouth Oil

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The Old-fashioned charm of Amber, musk, and Rose.


"Tired of folks talking trash? Even a good, old-fashioned slap in the mouth never worked this well!" - Dorothy Morrison.


Some general uses for this product: Dress candles, poppets, and anoint petitions to help remove unsavory energy, spirits, or even folk!  Not recommended for use as perfume or as a room spray.


”Unlike most other oils, Shut Your Mouth should never be used as perfume. That’s because the magical properties of this oil are designed to be used to stop others from starting unsavory rumors, gossiping, or talking trash about you. That said, applying it to your body is not a good idea. Neither is using it on your belongings or items in your home. Instead, use it to dress candles, poppets, and anoint petitions related to the above intentions. ” ~ Dorothy Morrison


Size: 10ml dropper bottle

Scent: Amber Musk and Rose


Keep away from children and pets.

For external use only.


We've done all the work for you – each blend is specially chosen to complement the intention of the oil.